Food and Accommodation

Food at School

Pamper your taste and body with traditional organic delicacies prepared by our chefs in the School. We provide three vegetarian meals a day, utterly yogic in its composition and preparation methods. In addition to appetizing, freshly prepared dishes, we also serve herbal drinks - a necessary element that fills the body with vital energy. You can taste a vast variety of spreads and sauces- from Indian to European cuisine- without having to compromise with your health. We encourage an authentic yogic lifestyle, and therefore our diet is designed by the body constitution and the diet features prescribed for each of our guests.
Food is basically classified into three categories and among them, the best for yoga is Sattvic Diet. Yoga Ayurveda School prepared the fresh & organic Sattvic diet at the centre keeping in mind the complete nourishment of our students. We cooked food with utmost care. The food at our registered yoga school in Rishikesh includes 3 times hygienic and tasty meals, daily herbal tea and hot water. Besides the nourishment quality of yogic food, it also has cleansing and purifying qualities. The vegetarian yogic diet at our centre is designed to make your body always prepare for the upcoming practice and challenges.

Accommodation at School

Yoga Ayurveda School in Rishikesh, India, is a wonderful destination for those who seek to deepen their practice of yoga and Ayurveda. One of the key factors that make this school stand out is its clean and secure accommodation. yoga ayurveda school teams take great care to ensure that our guests are provided with clean, comfortable accommodation with a School atmosphere so that everyone can experience the true yogic lifestyle- such as described in the Vedas. Let's explore what makes it such a great place to stay. Firstly, the school provides a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. The rooms are designed to provide a comfortable and peaceful environment for students to rest and recharge after a day of practicing yoga and studying Ayurveda. The accommodation is clean, well-maintained, and equipped with all the necessary amenities such as comfortable beds, hot water, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
The surrounding will leave you bursting with a feeling of spirituality, wellness and a gentle spirit. Yoga Ayurveda School chooses the destination keeping in mind the requirement and comfort of our yoga students. For daily utility, you need not go far from the school and everything is available at walking distance. The accommodation is managed by our responsible staff who keeps it clean and maintain it on a regular basis, you just need to support them by maintaining the cleanliness of the rooms or accommodation.

In addition, the school takes safety and security seriously.The school also has a strict code of conduct to ensure that all students adhere to certain rules and regulations that promote safety and security.
Moreover, the school is located in a peaceful and serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The campus is surrounded by lush greenery and the gentle sound of the nearby river adds to the tranquility of the place. This creates a perfect atmosphere for students to immerse themselves in their yoga and Ayurveda practice.
The school also places great importance on hygiene and cleanliness. The rooms and public areas are cleaned regularly to maintain high standards of hygiene. The school provides fresh and nutritious meals that are prepared in a clean and hygienic kitchen. The meals are vegetarian, and the ingredients are sourced locally to ensure that they are fresh and of high quality.
In conclusion, Yoga Ayurveda School in Rishikesh, India, offers clean and secure accommodation that provides a comfortable and peaceful environment for students to practice yoga and study Ayurveda. The school's commitment to safety, hygiene, and cleanliness ensures that students can focus on their practice without any distractions. If you are planning to visit Rishikesh to deepen your practice of yoga and Ayurveda, Yoga Ayurveda School is an excellent choice for your accommodation needs.